Site News icon The Halcyon Alliance grows!
Recently, the Halcyon Alliance grew by two new members.

The Enigma Directive and Hell's Heart join the Winter Brood in this alliance.

Together, these three factions unite with the common goal of preserving the truce that currrently exists between humanity and the Machines. All members will work together toward the goal of lasting peace.

Here's to a fruitful partnership!
26 Apr 2005 by Christina
Site News icon The process is set. Time to get started.
After long deliberation and much thought, the process for governance of the Halcyon alliance has been set. It is available for public viewing in the About Section.

There you will also join information about how to join the Alliance and what principles we stand for.
04 Jun 2004 by Devol
Site News icon So you'd like to join. But How?
Follow this secure link to learn about how to join in our "About" section.

It will answer this and other questions that you undoubtedly have.
28 May 2004 by Devol
Miscellaneous icon Federation Amistad leaves Halcyon Alliance
The Winter Brood faction and Federation Amistad decide to go their separate ways.
03 May 2004 by Devol
Site News icon The Establishment of the Halcyon Alliance
## Broadcast Depth
## Incoming Transmission...
## HvCFT Rig // Halcyon Alliance

This is a good day in the history of humankind. After the revolution and the release of thousands of minds, there are still many who do not understand our current predicament. There are those who, through ignorance, would easily undo the fragile peace now binding the future of both man and machine. Fortunately within the halls of Zion there are men and women with the wisdom and foresight to understand the intricacies of the agreement, and the reality of the crippled state of humanity.

The humble origins of the Halcyon Alliance stem from the rugged halls of Zion, the chambers and hallways, recently littered with the destroyed bodies of man, and machine. The founding senators understand that the solution to the 700-year war is not repeating the mistakes of the past, but making a new choice.

Thus the senate of the Halcyon Alliance was formed, with guilds and captains of similar mindset flocking to the alliance for peace. The founding guilds are the Winter Brood faction and Federation Amistad.

This channel of the Halcyon Alliance will serve as the hub for those who gather under the ancient symbol of the ivory dove.


## End Transmission
30 Apr 2004 by Devol