What is our purpose?
We are here for the same reason Neo was here. We are a conglomerate of guilds that exists for one purpose only: to ensure the survival of mankind through the enduring peace with the machines. This peace was forged by Neo, but it stands, now, on the edge of a sword.

What are our goals?
We will not, through action, or inaction allow the balance of power to deteriorate, and for all-out warfare to break out within the Matrix, or outside it. Therefore all Alliance missions, quests and hunts will be undertaken in the spirit and with the intention of helping maintain the balance. It is not our goal to control the Matrix. It is not our goal to destroy the machines. Victory is not important. Only life is important.

What are the characteristics we value?

  • Loyalty
  • Wisdom
  • Intelligence
  • Honesty
  • Focus
  • Resilience

How does my guild join the Halcyon alliance?
First make sure that your guild matches the following criteria:

  • You have a guild web site.
  • You have at least 10 guild members.
  • The guild has been in existance for at least 1 month.

If you meet the criteria, click here to be taken to our diplomatic contact page and provide us with information about your organization and your official request to join.

If the criteria are met, the council will vote on the acceptance of the new guild. The vote must pass by 75% or more.

How is the Halcyon Alliance Governed?
Below is the decision-making process.

  • The Council is made up of sub-committees.
  • Sub-committees are made up of all of a guild’s captains (one sub-committee per guild).

An Issue (such as a new guild, war, events, etc) can be raised to the council by any captain (councillor).

Issue severity is determined by each guild's leader/commander.

If an issue is determined to be small, then process A is followed. If an issue is determined to be large, then process B is followed.

Each guild can follow either process, as deemed fit by the guild's leader.

Process A

When an issue is proposed, The sub-committee goes back and discusses internally the merits of an issue. The Sub-committee also goes back to the guild for open discussion and debate. Sub-committee members (captains) then vote and the outcome of that vote represents the official guild vote on the issue. Sub-committee members should follow the will of their guilds as a whole unless some emergency arises or guild philosophy is endangered .

Each guild receives one Council vote, as determined by the internal vote of its sub-committee.

Ties are to be broken by a revote in the sub-committee. If this is still tied, the guild leader has two votes.

If a tie occurs in the Council, the issue goes back to the guilds, where guild members vote to decide whether the issue merits a revote by the sub-committee.

Proposal B

All captains/Council members participate in deliberation and discussion.

All members of each guild vote on the issue.

The outcome of their guild's vote will be communicated to the Council by the guild leaders/appointed representatives (1 per guild).

Votes are tallied and the entire alliance agrees to follow the majority decision.

Ties on guild-wide votes:
If a tie occurs, the guild leader will have two votes.

Ties in Council votes:
If a tie occurs during the council vote (i.e. 2 guilds vote for, 2 vote against), then the issue is dismissed. It can be brought up again at a different time for a re-vote.